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Skinny is Best - The New Weight Loss Book Out Now

The new book Skinny is Best is out now for sale in kindle and paperback on Amazon UK and on Amazon USA kindle and paperback.

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Have you ever needed to lose weight in a hurry? The answer maybe yes if you have decided to read this book or if you have an event to attend and you have left dieting to the last minute. Have you realised you haven't got long to go before attending that big event? Fast weight loss diets, food plans and exercise regimes for a faster metabolism can be found in this book. So, if you want to look good within a week, then this book can help you.

It has all the information about the Chemical Diet along with its food plan, which is a one week diet that can help you to lose up to one stone! 

Watch a video about The Chemical Diet.

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  1. Appetite suppression is also a key factor, since it helps in decreasing consumed calories, leading to faster weight loss. Phen375 Best Diet Pills for Women

  2. As you lose weight, check your BMR regularly to see how many calories your body requires per day and maintain a calorie consumption around 500 calories less than that. But remember, don't consume less than 1200 to lose weight 2023


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