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Burst Training Can Help You Lose Fat - Have You Tried it?

I have been researching more easier ways to exercise from home, so here is what I have found out about Burst Training.

Burst Training

Have you heard of Dr. Axe? I found something interesting for my weight loss regime on his blog. He says that Burst Training is a better way to exercise and it will help you to burn more fat.

I want to share this with you all. Apparently, if you burst train at home you will lose more pounds than going to the gym. There is no need to pay monthly bills for a gym if you can burst train from home.

If you want to learn more then read on.

Burst training can be done anywhere and at anytime. You don’t need a gym membership, just your home.

It involves exercising at 90-100 percent of your maximum heart rate for 30-60 seconds, followed by 30-60 seconds of lower intensity exercise or resting.

It is the most effective way to burn fat and lose weight. Apparently, Dr. Axe says that you can lose SIX TIMES MORE FAT than people who do long distance cardio exercise.

Dr Axe says you can start by just doing the exercise either in the morning or at anytime you want. All you have to do is follow the plan below and burst train for 10-20 minutes 3 to 5 times per week.

The Burst Training Plan (for more information go to the website here)

1. Run in Place

Run on the spot as fast as you can.

2. Jumping Jacks

3. Squats

4. Jump rope

5. You can exercise in bursts either on a spin bike indoors or a bicycle outside.

6. High Jumps

Watch the video:

For more information go to Dr Axe’s website here.

Hope you all have fun with Burst training!

Watch the following videos about Burst Training for beginners.

How to Burst Train.

The Chemical Diet

If you want to do a diet for one week and lose one stone, then try the Chemical Diet plan for one week.

Watch the video about the Chemical Diet below:

Thank you for reading.

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  1. 8 great tips lose 10 pounds

    There are many individuals who don’t have to lose a considerable measure of weight, yet they do need to lose a couple pounds rapidly. To help ladies recognize the most ideal approaches to shed the additional pounds we looked into an assortment of procedures and sketched out our discoveries underneath. There are a scope of techniques that individuals can utilize to get in shape. Here are our 8 approaches to lose 10 pounds in a month which are exceptionally powerful if utilized accurately.

    #1 Watch the Size of Your Meals

    Make an eating routine arrangement which pushes you to eat little parcels with the right measure of supplements day by day. Instead of eating three major suppers, have a go at eating four or even five littler ones.

    #2 Increase The Exercise

    Keeping your body moving and your heart pumping is a fundamental piece of weight reduction. Locate a normal that suits you and stick to it.

    #3 Don’t Overeat

    This sounds less difficult than it is. Stress and enthusiastic connections may push you to eat notwithstanding when you are full. Listen to your body, it will let you know when to stop.

    #4 Stay Away from Junk Food

    Attempt to make a rundown before you shop, it will help you to avoid the paths with garbage sustenance and keep away from their enticement. You ought to likewise avoid hydrogenated fat which is available in margarine, most garbage sustenances, and singed nourishment; it is a terrible fat and is difficult to lose.

    #5 Keep Hydrated

    Water won’t just help your body to work legitimately, and expel every one of the poisons, it will likewise help you to stay full and eat less.

    #6 Remember to Sleep

    Dozing an entire eight hours a night will keep your vitality step up and in this way prevent you from eating as much.

    #7 Eat Foods with Alkaline

    Guaranteeing that your body has a high pH level will help it to work accurately, supporting your weight reduction objectives.

    #8 Cleanse Your Body of All Toxins

    Before attempting to get in shape, scrub your body inside as it will help every one of the frameworks in your body to work accurately.

    Visit more articles about losing weight from

  2. wow, I think i just found a bulk of tips this day. This is really a great source for me that only a beginner for a weight loss battle. LOL .. I hope this assist me. Thank you for sharing you knowledge. I also taking a weight loss pills for my sure assistance.

  3. Thanks for sharing a valuable article.I also tried different kind of home workout which burned my a lot calories in this case your concept is really helpful for me.
    I like this kind of workout cause it can be done anywhere and anytime.


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